Hassle Free Addons

We aim to simplify and streamline the user experience by providing convenient and beneficial functionalities. 

Eliminating  the need for complex configurations, technical expertise, or time-consuming setups. 

Whether it’s a minute civil work, an accessory for a product, or an optional service, our hassle-free addons are designed to be effortless to use, requiring minimal time and effort from the user.

What We Offer

Minor Civil Works

Simplify Home does not accept exclusive civil work contracts, but when you are creating your ideal home, what does a little brick and mortar matter? If the plan calls for a little construction, we’re on it!

Electrical Works

It goes without saying that you need a reliable electrical system once you move in to ensure efficiency and comfort. Our skilled specialists are available to create the ideal foundation for you!

Plumbing Works

After your ideal home is built, a solid plumbing foundation is essential to prevent leaks or spills of any kind. Our staff will make sure that everything has been sealed tightly and securely.